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We are all exposed to harmful UV radiation from the sun, whether it is sunny or cloudy. The effects of UV on skin are well understood but the ocular risks of sun exposure and the need for eye protection is less well known.

80% of our lifetime exposure to UV happens before the age of 20 as children spend so much more time outdoors and the clarity of the lens in a young eye allows more UV light to penetrate to the retina than the lens of an adult.

Protecting yourself and your children from the effects of UV rays is easy - just by wearing sunglasses offering 100% UV protection.

We stock a wide range of sunglasses, for all budgets, many of which can be glazed with your prescription if required, even sporty wrap around styles.

prescription sunglasses
designer sunglasses

All our optometrists are not only qualified and GOC registered but also are fully accredited to provide Locally Enhanced Community eyecare, to assist our GP and Hospital Eye Service colleagues.

Our appointment schedule provides sufficient time for advice to be given about your eyes and for any questions you may have to be fully answered. Our patients have told us how important this time is and how much reassurance it provides.

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