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contact lenses

Contact lenses


We can supply most contact lens manufacturers’ products including Johnson & Johnson, Alcon and CooperVision. All are known and relied upon as tried, tested and innovative brands.

We understand your need for comfortable and convenient lenses and will specify the best lenses for your needs.

The choice of lens is paramount in ensuring that sufficient oxygen reaches your eyes in order that they remain healthy and comfortable, therefore maintaining the best visual performance possible as well as being protected from harmful UV rays.

Our care based contact lens service reinforces our philosophy of ongoing advice and the importance of our aftercare service.

Our Contact Lens Care Plan dramatically cuts the cost of contact lens and Spectacle products, while giving the peace of mind of unlimited appointments.

oman fitting contact lenses
holding a contact lens

For your convenience, you can re-order, and pay for, your contact lenses on-line. Just complete the form by clicking on the link below and send it to us.

Click here to re-order your contact lenses

Re-order your contact lenses

Image by Scott Van Daalen

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