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Young boy wearing glasses

Children's eyecare


At Erskine we are dedicated to providing the best possible eyecare for your little ones. As an independent opticians, we take pride in offering a highly personalised and no-rush service, ensuring that your child's eye health and vision needs are given the utmost attention and care.

A child's eyes are constantly developing, and early detection of vision issues is crucial for their overall well-being and academic performance.


Undetected vision problems can lead to difficulties in reading, learning, and interacting with the world around them. That's why regular eye examinations for children are essential to monitor their visual health and ensure any potential concerns are identified and addressed promptly.

young girl wearing glasses
kids eye test

We know that every child is unique, and their eyecare needs vary. Our experienced and friendly optometrists are experts in examining children's eyes with care and patience. From infants to teenagers, we take the time to create a comfortable and child-friendly environment, making the eye examination process a positive and stress-free experience.

During the eye examination, we use child-specific testing methods to assess their vision accurately. Our optometrists will engage with your child, explaining each step of the examination in a way they can understand. We are attentive to your child's needs, answering any questions they may have and addressing any concerns you, as parents, may raise.

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