See & Do Good | Sustainable Eyewear

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We want to be kind to our environment, which is why neubau eyewear supports projects that find exciting ways of tackling the issue of sustainability.

Of course we also want to take care of our personal surroundings, and that’s why we are always looking for ways to integrate greater environmental awareness into our lives. In short, “See & Do Good” stands for neubau eyewear’s mission to promote forward-looking strategies and take the lead by setting a good example ourselves.

One example of an innovative advance is our sustainable new material naturalPX, which is primarily (65%) obtained from the oil of the castor bean. And then there’s our product accessories, which have been designed with functionality and ecology in mind.

Besides our cases, which are produced from a cellulose-based material, our lens cleaning cloths are made of recycled PET bottles. The carry case can be transformed in an instant into an "eyewear sofa“. This extends its life cycle and gives the carry case additional functionality beyond its original purpose.

Starting this year, neubau eyewear and the upcycling project “gabarage” are joining forces to turn used advertising materials into useful new products, such as cool fl ower pots and vanity bags. neubau is also supporting national urban greening projects. And because protecting our environment is a global undertaking, we are working together with organisations such as the Honey Bee Conservancy in the USA, with whom we sponsor three beehives in New York. The honey obtained from the bees is used as a little "thank you“ for loyal customers.