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Erskine Eyecare through Lockdown by Tracey Erskine

After 30 years of working as a young optometrist coming to help my future father-in-law when he needed a fresh approach to practice, and thinking and feeling that you had seen it all... nothing could prepare you for the minefield of highs and lows that the global pandemic of COVID-19 was about to throw at us. Read more

DITA Luxury Eyewear

A recent addition to our Dunblane practice, the DITA range of eyewear offers our customers a discreet luxury with product ranging from bold character frames to new interpretations of classic shapes.
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Tracey and Niall Erskine share their story at Erskine Eyecare.
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Today, fashion remains the second-highest polluting industry behind petrochemicals—and in response, has begun a much needed clean up. AHLEM takes this task seriously by adopting responsible processes at home and offshore in efforts to forge a more sustainable future. With production happening entirely in France, AHLEM eyewear proudly recognizes—and celebrates­—regional French artisanship and the importance of a country leading the way in environmental ethics. Read more

Pre-Reg Optometrist

Another newcomer at Erskine Eyecare Read more

We Now Recycle

We are very keen on reducing waste and recycling and are pleased to announce our new recycling service. Read more

The Cool New Mirrored Lenses from Nikon

Introducing the new range of mirrored lenses from Nikon. Get the best style and vision this summer with Erskine Eyecare. We are doing half price Nikon sunwear lenses until July 2019

See & Do Good | Sustainable Eyewear

We want to be kind to our environment, which is why neubau eyewear supports projects that find exciting ways of tackling the issue of sustainability. Read more

L.G.R Presents A New Version of Reunion Flap for Automobili Amos

L.G.R is proud to announce the collaboration with Automobili Amos, which was launched on the occasion of the presentation of the Lancia Delta Futurista. This car is not a mere redesign of a legendary model, but a restomod which has combined modern technical solutions with the iconic lines of the Delta Integrale.
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The L.G.R RAW #2 Limited Edition

The RAW #2 Limited Edition is the continuation of L.G.R’s RAW series. Conceived from the idea of combining a raw unfinished frame with high performance technical lenses. Read more